Monday, 5 March 2012


GShopping Application is a Demo Application built from Gesture Recognition (GR) Library.
Gesture Recognition Library is implemented using Machine Learning Algorithm (Hidden Markov Model).
GR Library make use of the Microsoft NUI Library to capture data and recognize known gestures.
User dont need to handle Microsoft Kinect NUI or implement their own Gesture Recognition algorithm.
They only need to know how to build their own User Interface in WPF, Win Forms or .NET or simply use our GShopping Application template. 
In Demo version GShopping application five gestures: "Next", "Previous", "Up","Down" and "Enter" are predefined installed.
Speech recognition API is also implemented.
So App can be controlled by saying: "Next", "Previous", "Up","Down" and "Enter".
More user defined gestures can be added using the (GR) Library but for the current release only five gestures are installed.
Download link for the demo using the library: